Join to build world's digital currency and lead credit bockchain.
Do I have to pay any fee for this card?
Those who join waitlist and are shorlisted will get the card for free without any first time or annual fee.
Where can I use Credit PASS?
You will be able to use the Credit PASS at all our channel partners, both online and offline, once we have all systems in place to securly transact.
What is the difference between Virtual PASS and Credit PASS?
Virtual PASS is a mobile application based whereas Credit PASS is a physical card just like banks debit/credit cards.
When will the Credit PASS be available?
We are working hard to launch the card and app as soon as possible. You can join the waitlist to get updates and early access!
Can I build any rating history with this card?
Yes, you will be building your global trust rating using the Credit PASS and can improve your rating with responsible management.
Can I send my crypto coins to other persons?
Yes, you can send your coins to other persons. Transactions between hot accounts are instantaneous, whereas transactions between cold wallets on the credit blockchain will incur a network fee.
Why should I join waitlist?
To get a chance to have world's first crypto credit card.
Where can I find referral code to signup?
For referral code you should ask your friends and family members.
What do I need to do to get Credit PASS?
You will have to signup on our website and complete your verification. You then have to refer atleast 3 people to unlock your Virtual PASS.
What is the maximum credit limit I can get?
By referring people you can increase your credit limit to maximum of 1000 1.
How much my credit limit increase by referring one person?
When you successfully refer one person your credit limit increases by 10 1.
What is this sign?
this symbol is called the "Credit Sign", it represents Thecreditcoin, the decentralized blockchain cryptocurrency just like bitcoin.
Can I use this sign on my website or store?
Yes, you can download the font from here: This symbol can solely be used to represent TheCreditCoin.