Credit Pass
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Credit PASS is a referral only program.

You need a referral code to signup.

World's 1st Crypto Credit

Credit PASS - The next generation of credit cards

TheCreditCoin is world’s first decentralized credit accounting blockchain and trust rating index.

Credit PASS is a mobile / card based account which let you make purchases on credit. It enables trusted community members to use same pass anywhere in the world. It reduces the risk of money theft and gives its user a complete peace of mind.

Credit PASS is the only card which enables you to get credit without needing to hold or pledge any crypto assets.

Within a few years cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will completely change life as we know today. The possibilities are endless, and Credit PASS offers you the opportunity to get involved without any investment!


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You can earn free crypto by referring your friends.

For every successful referral with KYC both you and your friend will earn 10 1.

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Credit PASS allows you to increase your credit limit in the initial stage by just referring your friends and family.

On every successful referral signup, your credit limit will increase by 10 1.

Zero financial investment

Everybody is excited to enter into crypto world without risking your hard earned money.

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