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2018 11 01 09:45 GMT

What’s NEXT
To facilitate global credit transactions, “The Credit Foundation” is launching “TheCreditCoin - P2P Credit Accounting Blockchain” in early 2019.

Launching Credit PASS, world’s 1st true crypto credit card to make transactions with the Blockchain. Where Credit PASS is a physical card, while mobile based Credit PASS is called Virtual PASS.

To activate the free Virtual PASS, one needs to refer 3 persons to signup. While Credit PASS has a cost it brings in host of premium offers. For the early adopters, the foundation is issuing 100,000 Credit PASS cards free for lifetime with all the premium offers to those who successfully refer 30 persons to signup.

The Credit Limit for the Credit and Virtual PASS is determined by number of persons you refers where for each successful referral your credit limit increases by 10 thecreditcoins (~ 3 to 10 USD). Further you and your referee will earn 10 thecreditcoins each when referee uploads his/her ID proofs.

Cards Distribution
Credit PASS cards are being distributed in 2 stages.

Stage 1:

  • 2500 cards are distributed
  • First come first serve: first 2500 persons who refer 30 persons to signup for Credit PASS is shortlisted in first round to get the Credit PASS for free

Stage 2:

  • 97,500 cards are distributed
  • To ensure even distribution, world has been divided into 9 zones and cards will be distributed in these 9 zones in same percentage as of zone wise waitlists
  • Persons earns waitlist points by completing social tasks and by referring others to Credit PASS
  • Point based draws: persons are shortlisted for cards based points, where persons with highest waitlist points are selected in each zone.
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